Testimonials & Recommendations

"Kidolences offers caregivers and friends an opportunity to talk about loss with the help of thoughtfully curated, age appropriate items which open doors for communication. It's is a wonderful way to show that special child you are thinking of them in a supportive, gentle way." 
-Barbra B.

"Thank you Kidolences for creating my new go-to gift for children moving or facing transition of any kind." -Kara S.
"My son lost his baby blanket on vacation and asked if he could have another one. I ordered a Kidolences box and included his new blanket in it. He was ecstatic. Memories of the old blanket are still in the box and the new blanket is comforting to him. My son feels special that we honored the loss of something so important to him. I feel better knowing I was able to help him understand how to deal with loss in a way that will perhaps prepare him for the inevitable losses of the future." -Carey B.

"I, and nearly everyone I know, can recall at least one instance in our young lives that, through some sort of shock or loss, has shaped us indelibly. How caregivers helped us process and frame these events in a healthy way was so important. I love that Kidolences draws on years of research and clinical experience to provide a positive framework of compassion and understanding for children in difficult times." -Thom R.

"As a mother navigating a significant/substantial move with young children, and having myself experienced a traumatic loss early in life, I truly love everything about this." -Jenn C.
"Kidolences is the sweetest and most thoughtful gift for children and/or loss that I have ever seen.  Anyone receiving a Kidolences gift box will understand what comfort and compassion mean. Whether it is for the loss of a parent or a friend or a pet, the message from Kidolences is one of caring and kindness. It is a wonderful way to make a child or a person suffering loss feel special and remembered." -Margaret M.
"A few weeks ago a sad thing happened. My cairn terrier Danny, who was thirteen years old, passed away. Several days later I found a package at my front door, a lovely box with "Danny" written on the top. On the inside cover was a picture of Danny, and along with other darling mementos, was a framed photo of him. I was so touched that my friend sent me this wonderful personal gift. I will be reminded of my friend and My Danny for years to come. -Gerri M.
"Dr. McClatchey has designed a service and product that offers proper and necessary support to our children during times of difficulty." -Sara C.