Our Promises & Us

Emily McClatchey, PhD

Child Psychologist
CEO & Founder of Kidolences

Dr. McClatchey is a psychologist and mother of three young children in Cambridge, MA. She has spent many years working with kids: in schools; in the Peace Corps; through the National Child Traumatic Stress Network; and as a child and family therapist. 

Dr. McClatchey served on the founding executive committee of the Trauma Division of the American Psychological Association. Her research focuses on child trauma, coping and recovery. She also loves gift-giving and celebrating creativity.

The first Kidolences Bereavement Box she created was in honor of her beloved dog, Muppet, who died when Dr. McClatchey was 11 years old.

Ben Mautner, Kid-at-Heart
Ethical Designer
Creative Director of Kidolences

Ben is a multimedia designer raised in the Midwest, representing Brooklyn since '04. At 35, he has proudly served the design industry professionally for two decades.

Ben is an American Institute of Graphic Arts award-winning designer of children's books, including activity books, games, novels and picture books. Ben has designed for most of the top children's book publishers in the United States, as well as the United Nations and many charitable organizations and nonprofits.

The first Kidolences Bereavement Box he created was in honor of his ride-for-life cat Bijou, a feline incarnation of Miss Piggy who protected him when he was a baby and whose lifetime priority became making sure he was OK.

Kidolences Promises

With Kidolences, we promise you don’t have to fear saying or doing the wrong thing. We promise to help you gently communicate compassion and empathy. We promise not to minimize children’s experience of loss. We promise that we will honor the loss by not trying to erase the pain.

At Kidolences, we recognize that most children have an extraordinary capacity for resilience in the face of adversity. Rather than doubting a child’s ability to weather challenges and effectively manage loss, Kidolences sends a message to the child: I am here, I am thinking of you, I love you, I know you are strong, and I know you will get through this.