Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Kidolences boxes appropriate for?

Kidolences Bereavement Boxes are designed to meet the unique developmental needs of children experiencing loss. To read more about the philosophy and research behind how each box is curated, click here. Having said that, we can’t imagine a human being between the ages of 3 to 103 who wouldn’t love to receive one of our boxes. Each box is beautiful, personal, and full of items that communicate love and care. Kidolences Bereavement Boxes are a wonderful way to celebrate a life and memorialize a loss. 

How do you choose the items in the box?

We are so glad you asked! We are proud of the psychological research and expertise that form the heart of our endeavors, and the careful selection process our curated items have undergone. Every loss poses its own challenges and demands its own special, soothing formula. To learn more about what research tenets drive our item choices for each unique bereavement box, click here.

Will I overstep my boundaries? How can I be sure I won’t upset someone?

We have designed our Bereavement Boxes to walk the fine line of non-intrusive support. One of our key Kidolences Promises is that we promise you don’t have to fear saying or doing the wrong thing. If you are still worried, put your mind at ease by reading our testimonials.

What’s in each box?

Kidolences Bereavement Boxes are carefully curated according to psychological research and are carefully designed to meet the unique needs of children in times of loss and grief. Each box provides multiple opportunities to add a personal touch: you can upload photos to be included, and every box contains a personalized nameplate sticker to place over the shipping label, instantly transforming your Bereavement Box into a special keepsake box.

We begin packing every box with an inspirational thought for children to reflect on as well as a coloring mandala. Mandalas represent balance, unity, and harmony in the universe. They are used to focus attention, establish sacred space, and reflect eternity. Coloring is a fabulous form of art therapy that can calm and soothe. 

From there, box contents diverge depending on the demands that each unique bereavement circumstance poses. Every single box is specially packed with our own proprietary formula based on expert knowledge of children’s needs in the face of different types of loss.

When will my order ship?

Kidolences boxes are packed and shipped within 24 hours of your order. Standard Shipping (within the continental US) arrives in 2-6 days.